The ECAS Crowdsourcing platform

The popAI project aims to create trust and awareness around the use of artificial intelligence in the security domain. In achieving this objective, the consortium accepts the challenge of addressing doubts, concerns and scepticisms related to its use by LEAs or police forces, while enhancing knowledge sharing across multiple actors involved in this topic. The active social engagement and dialogue among diverse stakeholders (e.g. civil society, AI experts, LEAs, industry, etc.) have a twofold aim: i) understanding perspectives, challenges and opportunities in other sectors; ii) bringing together consolidated spheres of knowledge from theoretical and empirical levels.

The ECAS Crowdsourcing Platform contributes to achieving this aim. Indeed, the (open source) Crowdsourcing Platform by ECAS creates a space for the wider public to engage with the content discussed in the project, thus safely collecting ideas, thoughts and views on a specific topic. It also includes voting mechanisms so that users can decide on the best answers.

The login is possible with a specific account for this platform or via third-party logins (Facebook, Twitter). The platform is available in seven languages (Dutch, English, German, Greek, Italian, Slovak, and Spanish). It also includes some gamification elements to motivate users to respond and invite others to do so.

The crowdsourcing platform, hence, allows to:

  • share input on the main controversies and experiences (step 1),
  • put forward solutions (step 2), and
  • vote on the ideas proposed (step 3).

The questionnaire and platform are hosted by the project partner ECAS and can be accessed by clicking the button below.