popAI Student Photo and Caption Competition

Raising awareness about AI in policing

popAI is organising a Student Photo & Caption Competition to engage and hear from young citizens how Artificial Intelligence is and/or should be used in civil security domain.

Sharing opinions and visions through photos is considered an easy and interactive means for cross-country exchange. Students from diverse disciplines and academic backgrounds are invited to reflect on concerns around justice, gender, race, and inequalities and how they understand their connection to AI in policing.

If you are a student, this creative activity is a great opportunity for you to:

  • Reflect your concerns, opinions, and ideas around AI, ethics, and policing
  • Express your perspectives concerning human-centred and socially driven AI tools in support of Law Enforcement
  • Suggest best practices for the use of AI in benefit for the society


The three (3) winners of the popAI Student Photo & Caption Competition will receive, correspondingly:

  • 250 euro (1st winner)
  • 150 euro (2nd winner)
  • 100 euro (3rd winner)

Deadline 28th February 2023

How to participate:

Step 1: Register to the application in order to take a token for the competition

Step 2: Prepare your photo and the caption

Step 3: Upload your photo in order to complete your participation in the Student Photo and Caption Competition

Eligibility criteria:

Entry submission until 28 th February 2023

The photo must be accompanied by a caption (max 500 characters) reflecting on the captured topic

The language of the applications must be English

The image(s) file type must be in .jpg or .png.

Only one photo can be uploaded on the application by each participant.

Compliance with popAI  Privacy Policy guidelines

Accept  Terms, Conditions and Rules of Student Photo & Caption Competition

Here are the winners!

2 nd winner

Roxana Robescu-Cercel (Romania)

Title: Technology calls to technology everywhere

Caption: Between the shadows of history figures, a policeman is quietly doing his duty. Hundreds of faces are walking in front of him, while he carefully analyses each one of them, long before an A.I. could. In the background, Millicent Fawcett holds a banner reading “Courage calls to courage everywhere”, in a time in which “Technology calls to technology everywhere”.

1 st winner

Georgia Manolopoulou (Greece)

Title: Unobtrusive monitoring

Caption: Unobtrusive monitoring in public places

3 rd winner

Konstantina Kolliri (Greece)

Title: AI Face Recognition

Caption: AI Face Recognition should be user-friendly, secure and transparent