Policy Lab 4

20th April 2023 – Turin, Italy

popAI Policy Lab activity has come to its fourth event!

The fourth popAI Policy Lab will be held on Thursday 20th April 2023, organised as an online event by the Local Police of Turin.
Experts from different sectors and variegated expertise will join the event, having the opportunity to share their experiences and as well as exchanging ideas and perspectives. The event will be held in Italian but a summary of the findings will be available also in English after the conclusion of the event.
As already witnessed during the previous Policy Labs conducted in Greece, Germany and Slovakia, this activity aims to facilitate the exchange of views between LEAs and relevant experts coming from different fields (academia, public sector, civil society, etc.), exploring solutions to identified controversies from experimental models.

The Italian Policy Lab will last six hours (9:30-15:30 hrs CEST) and will be organised in two sessions. First, the popAI “Ethics Toolbox” will be illustrated to the audience. The toolbox is one of the tangible outcomes of popAI and it has been developed through close collaboration among the consortium partners. It will be presented to external experts to gather constructive feedback from potential end-users on its structure and exploitability.

The second session will be dedicated to a specific use case regarding the use of AI algorithms for recognition, extraction and analysis of data from multiple sources. Constraints and opportunities, as well as risks and benefits, will be discussed, aiming to gather a comprehensive view of the topic from different angles.

For more information on this research project, please visit https://www.pop-ai.eu/ and if you are interested in participating, please kindly send an email to eleonora.fiori@collaboratori.comune.torino.it (please note the working language will be exclusively Italian).

We are looking forward to this exciting opportunity!