ALIGNER 4th Workshop

popAI partners will participate in the 4th Workshop organised by project ALIGNER. ALIGNER is an H2020 research project that aims to bring together European actors concerned with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Policing and Law Enforcement and to collectively identify the needs for paving the way for a major role of AI in support of Police and Law Enforcement Agencies (P&LEAs) while simultaneously empowering, benefiting and protecting the public.

ALIGNER is one of the two popAI sibling projects (the other one is STARLIGHT): the three projects together form a cluster of AI research projects, conducting several joint activities.
The 4th ALIGNER workshop will take place online on 30th November and 1st December and will be dedicated to policy recommendations and impact assessment methods developed within the framework of ALIGNER activities.

On the first day, the EU AI Act will be introduced: experts (coming from different sectors) will have the chance to discuss different aspects and share their perspectives. The debate will also touch upon policy recommendations. popAI members will be involved in the discussion, representing the societal perspective and having the possibility to share the project view on the topic in light of the upcoming activities concerning the draft of policy recommendations for LEAs, industry and policymakers.

The second day will be focused on impact assessment methods, defined as part of the ALIGNER activities. The impact assessment methods will be illustrated, and experts will have the opportunity to provide feedback and insights.

The attendance of popAI representatives at the ALIGNER workshop is a great occasion to strengthen the synergy between the two projects further. In addition, it allows a stimulating exchange of views on the different activities carried out and their modalities, thus offering food for thought for popAI work and future joint initiatives.