popAI third Policy Lab

The European project popAI is organising a series of six events named Policy Labs which are organised by six Law Enforcement Authorities (LEAs) in their respective countries, that are partners of the project consortium. The Policy Labs aim to facilitate the exchange of views between LEAs and relevant experts coming from different fields (academia, public sector, civil society, etc.), exploring solutions to identified controversies from experimental models. 

During the first year of the project, two Policy Labs were successfully conducted, one in Greece (organised by the Hellenic Police) and one in Germany (organised by the University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration and Legal Affairs in Bavaria). Although the Policy Labs were organised as online events, they involved local representatives from different sectors (industry, academia, LEAs, etc.), thus ensuring an exhaustive representation of the local environment.

The third Policy Lab will be held on December 13th in Slovakia, organised by the Police Academy of Bratislava. The event will be organised in a hybrid mode, thus allowing also physical attendance at the premises of the Academy.

The Policy Lab will last four hours, being arranged into two sessions. The popAI “Ethics Toolbox” will be illustrated in the first part. This toolbox is one of the products of popAI and it has been developed through close collaboration among the consortium partners and will be presented to external experts to gather constructive feedback from potential end-users on its structure and exploitability.

The second session will be dedicated to selected ethical and legal aspects regarding modern technologies in law enforcement in the Slovak Republic, with an emphasis on monitoring social networks in an effort to prevent crimes.

Then, participants will focus on a case study relevant to the Slovakian context and regarding AI tools in support of predictive policing: focal ethical and legal initiatives/recommendations will be formulated based on the Slovak socio-legal environment.

The workshop will be held in Slovak to facilitate discussions among participants on such sensitive topics. You are warmly invited to participate by sending an email to this email address: mojmir.mamojka@akademiapz.sk.

We are looking forward to this exciting opportunity!