Within the framework of popAI, ECAS has launched the Crowdsourcing Platform, an open-source platform that creates a space for the wider public to engage with the content discussed in the project, thus safely collecting ideas, thoughts and views on a specific topic.

What would we like to know?!

Your ideas, feelings and concerns with regards to the use of AI-based technologies from the Law Enforcement Authorities. The platform, indeed, allows to:

  • share input on the main controversies and experiences (step 1),
  • put forward solutions (step 2), and
  • vote on the ideas proposed (step 3).

How to participate?

Very easy! Click this link and you’ll be directed to the platform. You’ll just have to fill out the questionnaire and participate in the debate.

Why should you participate?

Because your idea MATTERS! We want to promote innovation and progress while protecting fundamental and civil rights. Hence, it is crucial for us to understand what people think and feel so that we can contribute to shaping a better and safer future.

So, join our activity, make us hear your voice and be part of the change!