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popAI at ETHICOMP 2024 popAI was at the ETHICOMP 2024! Elodie Makhoul, Research Analyst at Trilateral Research, discussed how social controversies can support the understanding of direct and indirect impacts of AI technologies especially in the security domain on the society as a whole and diverse […]
The popAI project along with sibling projects ALIGNER & STARLIGHT will participate in the “Security Research Event 2023: Societal transformations, climate change and digitalisation – a new paradigm of Security Research?” between 24-25 October 2023, in Brussels, Belgium. During the 2-day event, the popAI project will […]
The popAI project along with EU-funded projects NOTIONES & ETAPAS are organising a virtual matchmaking event with the purpose to foster collaborations between players from the security and intelligence domains, such as solution providers of AI technologies, law enforcement agencies (LEAs), policy makers and researchers. The […]
After 2 years of ongoing research, plenary meetings, cross-disciplinary reports, workshops, and scientific events, in order to create an ecosystem for a sustainable and inclusive European AI hub for Law Enforcement Agencies, the popAI project has reached its completion. Therefore, we are delighted to announce that […]
popAI team participates in ALIGNER 5th public workshop On 21st and 22nd June, project ALIGNER has hosted its 5th public workshop in Sankt Augustin! The first four were held between November 2021 and December 2022. They examined real and potential issues relevant to changes and developments […]
The Student Photo & Caption Competition, which was organised by the popAI project was completed with success! Numerous University students, from all over Europe, took part in the competition by submitting their photo and caption which depicts the use of Artificial Intelligence in the security domain. […]
popAI joins RISE SD 2023 Conference in Rhodes, GR with sibling projects The popAI project participated in the RISE SD 2023 Conference “Research and Innovation Symposium for European Security & Defense” which was held between 29 – 31 May 2023 on the island of Rhodes in […]
Joint webinar with NOTIONES & ALLIES projects successfully completed On Friday May 19th, the popAI project successfully co-organised along with NOTIONES and ALLIES projects the webinar DataAnalytics and AI bias in LEAs decision-making. Dr Dimitris Kyriazanos of NCSR Demokritos, coordinator of popAI project, welcomed participants and […]
Policy Lab 4 20th April 2023 – Turin, Italy popAI Policy Lab activity has come to its fourth event! The fourth popAI Policy Lab will be held on Thursday 20th April 2023, organised as an online event by the Local Police of Turin.Experts from different sectors […]
TechEthos Ethical Issues Outline popAI has joined the online cluster meeting organised by Project TechEthos on ethical and legal issues related to the use of new technologies. The meeting was hosted by Eurecnet, with the active participation of several consortium members. Representatives from TechEthos introduced some […]
The popAI project along with EU-funded projects NOTIONES and ALLIES organise a webinar on Friday 19 May 2023 titled DataAnalytics and AI bias in LEAs decision-making. The webinar will provide an overview of best practices and experiences of law enforcement agencies across Europe on AI and […]
Joint Conference on Ethical and legal aspects of AI for Law Enforcement The European Commission-funded projects ALIGNER, popAI, STARLIGHT (coming from the same cluster of calls from H2020) and the AP4AI project, hosted a joint conference on “Ethical and Legal Aspects of AI for Law Enforcement” on […]
Continuing the activity of collecting views and information from the wider public about the use of AI-based technologies from Law Enforcement Authorities, the popAI project has launched the second round of the survey via the ECAS Crowdsourcing Platform. We invite your participation to the survey by […]
popAI third Policy Lab The European project popAI is organising a series of six events named Policy Labs which are organised by six Law Enforcement Authorities (LEAs) in their respective countries, that are partners of the project consortium. The Policy Labs aim to facilitate the exchange […]
ALIGNER 4th Workshop popAI partners will participate in the 4th Workshop organised by project ALIGNER. ALIGNER is an H2020 research project that aims to bring together European actors concerned with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Policing and Law Enforcement and to collectively identify the needs for paving the […]
popAI is raising awareness about AI in policing through a Photo & Caption Competition The Student Photo and Caption Competition organised by the popAI project is now open! The competition is addressed to students of all European Universities from any discipline, i.e., STEM, Humanities, Social Studies, […]
popAI 2nd Plenary & Review meeting takes place in Dublin The popAI project has had its Interim Review meeting which took place successfully on Tuesday 25 October, in Dublin, Ireland. The meeting was hosted by partner Trilateral Research and co-organised together with popAI Coordinator NCSR Demokritos, […]
In October, popAI participated in a workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece titled Tools for the Ethical and Trustworthy Adoption of AI in the Service of Public Administrations. The event was co-organised by the ETAPAS project (Ethical Technology Adoption in Public Administration Services) along with popAI partner CERTH, […]
Within the framework of popAI, ECAS has launched the Crowdsourcing Platform, an open-source platform that creates a space for the wider public to engage with the content discussed in the project, thus safely collecting ideas, thoughts and views on a specific topic. What would we like […]
After the successful completion of the Greek Policy Lab, we are delighted to announce the second popAI Policy Lab! The event will be hosted in a virtual mode by the Hochschule für den öffentlichen Dienst in Bayern (HfoeD) on September 15th, 2022. It will involve entities […]
The popAI project attended the Projects to Policy Seminar (PPS), an event organised in Brussels by DG HOME and REA C2 unit. The 2-day event (30 June – 1 July) invited and gathered 45 projects funded under the Secure Societies Call 2020, as well as policymakers […]
Dr. Dimitris Kyriazanos, project coordinator of the popAI project, engages in an interesting conversation with ETAPAS, the Ethical Technology Adoption in Public Administration Services. The interview below highlights the importance of advancing the implementation of human-centred, socially-driven, ethical and secure by design AI in support of […]
The 9th biennial Surveillance & Society conference of the Surveillance Studies Network (SSN) is hosted by Erasmus University Rotterdam on June 1-3 2022 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
The biggest European Forensic Science Event – European Academy of Forensic Science Conference is held in Stockholm, Sweden, on May 30th – June 3rd June 2022.
popAI has been steadily gaining visibility and positioning within the security research ecosystem. In this context, popAI was invited by DG HOME to participate in the workshop CERIS: Community for European Research and Innovation for Security in Brussels on 7 April 7 2022. Project Coordinator Dimitris […]
Continuing the dissemination activities and interaction with the community, popAI project participated in the State of the Union Citizens’ Rights 2022: Reinventing EU Citizenship post-COVID-19 conference on Tuesday 29 March 2022, at 09.30 CET, where coordinator Dr Dimitris Kyriazanos elaborated on the potential impact of AI […]
We are delighted to announce the organisation of the first popAI project webinar! This first virtual workshop of the popAI project AI in support of Civil Security: functionalities and controversies mapping took place on Tuesday 15 March, and outlined the preliminary findings of the project on […]
In the frame of popAI’s aim to engage with the community and other relevant projects, project coordinator Dr. Dimitris Kyriazanos participated in the first cluster meeting of EU funded projects working on ethical questions related to subsectors of AI.During this kick-off meeting on Friday 4 March 2022, […]
popAI members have has participated in the second workshop held by ALIGNER consortium, dedicated to "AI in the service of Police & LEAs: Exploring capability enhancement needs".
In line with popAI intention to establishing synergies with its sibling projects, pop AI has participated to the first workshop held by ALIGNER consortium.
popAI was presented in the annual CERIS FCT Cluster Event, which has dedicated one day to AI projects, thus giving the opportunity to discuss aspects related to AI in security research and innovation.
popAI project has started with a kick off meeting at NCSR Demokritos (Athens).